I had the pleasure of working on the 2013 ManpowerGroup calendar over the past few months. The theme hinged around actual Manpower employees with "super" life stories. I worked with Susie Weber, who art directed the project, as well as provided the graphic design and layout for the calendar.
The ManpowerGroup calendar cover - Designed by Susie Weber of Weber Design Inc. http://www.susieweber.com
Soar - Zooms through grueling challenges and mighty barriers at jet speed. Never falters in soaring higher.
The Recharger - Able to deflect negative energy to generate a more positive experience for all.
Forge - A forceful leader who's driven to build a better road to a better future, his superhuman strengths are used to guide others along the way.
The Conquerer - Armed with mighty skills and an unyielding passion to defeat his nemesis. He fights - and wins - the never-ending battle to better others' lives.
Chameleon - Master at adapting to change. Constantly evolving with stronger skills and knowledge. This awesome hero leaves only good in her wake.
The Knowledge Seeker - Unstoppable in the quest for education that brings greater opportunity within reach.
Laser - With ultimate precision focus and a keen eye for what can be, he makes quantum moves forward with ninja-like speed.
The Maze Master - Impenetrable blockades. Evil forces. Nothing thwarts this superhero from making headway in her pursuit of career excellence.
The Owl - Wisdom more precious than rubies. And the vigor to skillfully swoop in and make a difference.
Valor - Bravery in the face of adversity. Fearlessness personified. Nothing gets in the way of this Super Patriot.
Spark - Ignites those around her with passion and skill. Masterfully leads as others follow in her awesome wake.
Blaze - With fiery determination, she reduces obstacles to ash and blazes a path to phenomenal success.
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